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About TY

Welcome friends to my passion for cooking! It began long

before my journey with neuromuscular disease.


My taste buds sprung to life sitting in Dad's kitchen.  It was

his warmth and way with food that stirred this budding

chef's soul. He inspired me early on to savour the taste of

life.  When I'm cooking for family and friends I'm connecting

to my soul's highest expression.


What this journey through life has taught me is that life is

tasty when we choose to push through the pain and

discover the ONE thing that sets our soul on fire.


Cooking is my passion!  My rolling pin is my sword, my way

of cutting through the fears... my candle in the dark, lighting

the way... the spark to my eternal flame that says,  Ty was

here... that he didn't just try - he took a bite out of life. 

My cookbook: 'My Wish on a Plate'... my BIGGER Story...

this was made possible by Make-A-Wish® Canada. 


In these pages you will find more than just delicious entrées

and appetizing feasts you will discover a recipe for life...

what it means to embrace the challenges and setbacks that

life throws your way & that you are so much more; you are

the dreams alive within you. 

My Wish on a Plate cookbook is about connecting to the

things that matter most in life. I imagine the world as a table

- the table is a way of connecting to what you love. 


Welcome to my table - Ty's Table! 


 I can't wait for you to take a seat.

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