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My Wish on a Plate!

Welcome to my first CookBook!

A book that will both inspire the chef in you with homestyle food that you will love making and eating.  

This book will also inspire you that anything is possible, even with life's challenges. 

The first printing of the book sold out in one week! 

But, there are more available on, so if you would like to order a copy, or as many copies as you want for yourself, family & friends, please click on the button below.

I thank you so much for your belief and support of my wish.

I hope you enjoy my cookbook as much as I do!


Cost is $39.95 - available on Amazon. ca

 Thank you 


"I hope these recipes inspire others to cook and be creative in the kitchen" - Ty

Crepes: By Chef Ty

Calamari (1).JPG

"Even if you don't think you are a good cook, I encourage you to try and never give up!" - Ty

Calamari: By Chef Ty

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